Metamorphasis of the Soul

authenticTrading the security of modern life for the passion to discover your true self is like stepping off the cliff.  You experience waves of emotions which shatter your paradigm and evoke a strong sense that your life is now up-side-down and discombobulated.  It seems selfish and unconventional to most of your family and friends.  But, deep inside the voice has been calling you to jump for many years, maybe even ions.  It’s like you have always known that the day will come when you will be required to risk to live.  But when it does, your life as you know it is washed away in the tides of remembrance and you find yourself alone with Him on a desert island.  All those who love you and know you in your responsible, safe, normal life are affected by this shift.  Your closest love ones are feeling abandoned, confused and angry.  This is truly the metamorphosis from one mindset, belief system, ego centered existence to the complete unknown which for a time feels like you moult into mush similar to a caterpillar before it evolves into a butterfly.

The process of letting God expand your consciousness and remove all the deeper walls and barricades that have kept you firmly planted in safe…is extremely painful.  But as the saying “No pain, no gain” it’s the only way to shed the cocoon and fly.  Your self perception is shattered and all the wonderful accomplishments that became the banners that defined you are burned in the fires and you find yourself alone looking in the mirror of your heart.   At first it’s terrifying learning how to love yourself for just you…nothing but raw, naked you!  Actually, just getting to know you is a climb in itself.  Especially, when you are stripped of everything including all the luxuries that helped you to feel pretty, successful, smart, loved….  Just you alone with you God and nature.  It’s not pretty when you are throwing a pity party and your hope is slammed to the floor.  I have had many of those moments and thank God for those who he has put on my path to drag my ass up or I might have given up.

It’s crazy that somewhere in the midst of all the chaos of change, you realize that you are actually living even though you haven’t even begun to arrive.  How am I going to know when I arrive since I’ve never experienced this before?  Well, it’s learning how to live in the moment and embrace each day no matter what.  To slow down and notice all the little nuances along the path.  To embrace the journey and let your heart sing as you discover the treasures in every experience.  And the craziest part of all is how your mind shifts and you barely notice until you look back at how silly you acted and how different you have become.  And that is God…he is the only one that knows how to get you to your hearts desire!

We were all created for greatness and we all get there in different ways.  I guess what I really want to say is never settle for a normal life.  Whether that means the realization that there is more than what you see and hear.  That there is an invisible world that is at work everyday behind the scenes making sure we get where we need to go!   All of us have unfulfilled dreams buried deep within our hearts.  Don’t ever think it’s too late to start that business or take that trip or find your destiny…Don’t settle for normal.  My daughter has always inspired me with her entrepreneurial mind.  When she purchases a struggling business it takes her a few years to bring it back and past where it should be.  During that time she is faced with many challenges that might cause others to give up.  But not her, she always see the end result and it keeps her on the road to success.  I am that business and I have to believe in myself and stay focused so I don’t give up and make it to my destiny!


Expect the Best….

It’s a choice each day to shift your thoughts and believe that today is going to be a day to remember…I choose today to expect greater things than I experienced yesterday! We hold the keys to our destiny and all we have to do is let go of the old and open the door to the new. It’s the process of getting to this place that can be hard for most of us. But the process is what makes us beautiful and strong…it’s what forms the character needed to walk in such great abundance. It’s like the stomping of grapes during harvest to bring out the rich wine. This richness is locked up inside of every one of us.   If we choose…nothing can hold us back! Let go of what is weighing you down today and choose to believe and speak unimaginable happenings and appointments over your day. He gave you everything you need to soar…so soar!

Faith’s Power

I love that “Through faith’s power, our forefathers conquered kingdoms and established true justice. Their faith fastened onto their promises and pulled them into reality”. How do we cross over from cowering in fear as we watch nations crumble around us and injustice at every level to the power of living out of Faith? It takes reckless abandonment to jump off the pinnacle into the abyss with Him. But just as the writer of Hebrews said above, our forefathers conquered kingdoms and established justice. Their faith pulled what was in their hearts into reality. It is not a coincidence that we are alive at this very time in history. We are entering a powerful age. Although everything is so upside-down and dark, put on your seat belts and watch our God rock the universe with his army of men and woman equipped with courage based in faith. Who call into existence those things that are not yet seen, releasing Kingdom forces and power to annihilate the evil forces throughout the world. We are not victims, we are warriors. Jesus taught us everything we need to know about victory through authority. Let’s start walking in our authority and change the world. #inspiration

The E-Ticket to Life

Faith is the E-Ticket giving us access to the flow of a super natural life. As we start to recognize the whisper in our hearts and let all the confusion fall silent by the wayside, this indescribable peace hovers over us like a light fog. At first, it’s so faint that you barely notice. It lingers just long enough to leave us wondering, wanting, and longing for more than all the static that fills our days. We pick up our proverbial brief cases and head out into the normalcy of our life where treading water has become second nature. We even go a few days, months and sometimes years letting the emptiness of striving and searching become our success. But He waits patiently in the shadows protecting us from harm and letting us come to the end of ourselves. He never judges us because he already died for us. He knew we would make many ignorant decisions that would cost us greatly.   So he turned it all around so that all those decisions and mistakes, all the hurts, wounds, scars would and will be used as chisels to finely craft us into magnificent works of art.

Just like the highest roller coaster ride can bring moments of breathless fear mixed with laughter and wonder, so does the road that unravels us from what we have come to know. It spins the cob webs of subtle deception out of our subconscious thoughts. The steep climbs and sudden drops awaken us out of the illusions that have kept us under the spell of deception as our senses are awakened to the vibrant flavors of truth.   This truth is like none we have ever known on earth. It’s the truth about who we are and how loved we are. You see knowing who we are, is the key to everything.   I took on the identity of an orphan after abandonment and betrayal became familiar house guests. Orphans live their lives as paupers not knowing their real value or the value in others. They become survivalists and man pleasers striving to be the best constantly working, serving, giving..bla..bla..bla!!   It’s not that all of those qualities are bad. But when we find ourselves doing those things out of a need to be noticed or as a way to feel valuable, we must realize that we are not seeing clearly.

As the Spirit begins to draw us into the light, it can feel like we might be entering the twilight zone. Often times, our thoughts go back and forth like a ping pong ball. We have lived so long in a mindset that provokes guilt and fear when stepping outside of the proverbial box. When God calls us to embrace a higher truth it feels like we are being deceived.   He keeps showering us with living water, fresh and vibrant and full of life. The rays of sunlight from his Glory penetrate the darkened shadows of unbelief that have buried our senses. Step by step we find ourselves regaining our identity and as we do the demons shudder at the thought of the sons and daughters of the living God the great I AM once again taking their place of authority. To rule and reign in the love of their Father….

The Road Less Traveled…

FAITH…We so minimize this word to a religious box! Can we even grasp how VITAL faith is in our lives.    Listen to what the writer of Hebrews confirms as the Holy Spirit flows through his pen. “Faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen….Faith empowers us to see that the universe was created and beautifully coordinated by the power of God’s words. He Spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen”. We start with a mustard seed of faith which births excitement in our hearts of a new adventure of hope and change. Soon we find ourselves holding on for dear life as a tornado passes over head and all hell breaks loose.   Like Peter, we want to walk on water until the storm ravished waves come crashing down on us and we let fear take our eyes off of Him. All along, He just smiles at us as we teeter totter through adversity two steps forward and five steps back! You see…he already knows our character. He knows exactly the chain of events needed to unravel our hearts and bring forth our Spirit man! It is through all the trials and tribulations, betrayal and heartbreak that our faith becomes the foundation of who we are. He is so faithful to give us bite size nuggets along the way…just enough so we don’t give up. The enemy’s strategy is to water down the Power of Faith. Our faith can move a mountain. We are the children of the most powerful force in the Universe. We can create or tear down with our words. And out of the abundance of the heart we speak. Believing these truths alone is impossible for most.   We so often swim in the pools of past failures and regrets wading through the shame and disappointment. The muddy waters of what ifs is exactly where the enemy wants you to camp. Because, he knows that you will create what you think about! He knows if we wake up and think about the impossible…it will happen. Nothing is impossible when we choose to believe and take the road less traveled. Not many people choose this road because it looks uninviting from the mind’s eye. Don’t be deceived by the lure of the apple…the real adventure is only found on the Road of Faith!

Choose Courage over Fear!

How I long to walk on the waters with you over all the seemingly difficult situations that I am faced with each moment.   To experience the totality of crossing over from darkness into light, from doubt to faith, changes our lives. Self-discovery takes courage and determination. This journey is not for the faint at heart as He leads you into the caverns of your heart where hidden darkness lies dormant. This darkness has somehow convinced us that we are not good enough, beautiful enough; worthy of love.  These lies have been purposefully deposited in our foundations early on so that we will become defensive and self-protective when situations or others confront us with our wrong thinking. Instead of embracing every challenge as an opportunity to change and grow, we blame and avoid. But just like Joshua of old, when we pick up courage and faith, we are able to bravely go where few have traveled and let the light of Truth shine into the darkness of our souls. When light shines on darkness, it dispels the lies that have kept us from truly knowing who we are! As we shed off the many illusions we have come to believe, our foundation becomes solid and our footing is sure. Once we have learned to trust His voice and let go of our shallow perceptions, we are able to walk on water and move mountains thus becoming the very essence of our King. Isn’t that why He sent His son to rip the veil and crush the head of our enemy. Only through the death process can new life spring forth.   It’s the false belief that dying means religion, when in all reality dying means reconnecting to the great I AM who is nothing like we have come to believe. He created us to dance through this life into eternity….Fully embracing the romance in every moment. Let him take you away into the cavern of your heart. He is the ultimate gentleman and lover of our soul. He planted the seed of desire into our hearts and he knows how to germinate that seed so that it will bloom into a budding tree for all to see.

Stay the Course

Behind the walls are broken vessels that long to be redeemed…Outside they look like shallow, hollow, arrogant humans who’s spirits resemble the walking dead.   These self-acclaimed heroes boast on their knowledge and expertise.  They have educated themselves on the superficial lies that flow out of the matrix!   But God sees far beyond our mask, deep into the heart of each of us!   It’s only with your eyes that we can clearly see through the fog and keep on course so that we don’t abandon our post and fall into self-pity.  How can we possibly stop shining your Love and Truth which dissipates the lies of the deceiver?  Only with your power can we stand when we find ourselves punctured with arrows of sarcastic slander.  How many times have I wanted to retrieve back into my cave of mediocrity masquerading as solitude?   You promise us that if we walk the road with you our lives will shift lives and change paradigms.  Your ways are so far above ours and yet most of society truly believes that they have the road to success all mapped out.  Walking with you is outside of their scope of reality as they seem to exist and make decisions solely based on their logical mind.   When in all reality, logical and spiritual can so beautifully dance together in perfect harmony.  Just as a man and woman who are spiritually connected bring a fragrance and essence that captivates even the darkest of hearts.   It seems to me that many people’s perceptions have been hardened by the religious spirit.  The cynical mind is so tormented and deceived that it is only by your love that it can be deprogrammed after years of deception.    Their view of the great I AM is tainted by their lack of relationship with the lover of their soul…They have never truly tasted Love and the honey that drips off your lips as you whisper in our ears and guide us into you.  Fully consumed with the energy of the King who longs to set us free and teach us how to fly!  Help me to stay the course and keep my heart pure and open so that I can experience all of you and let it flow out of me onto all that you send across my path…  I love being me because I am so uniquely and artistically hand crafted by You…